Bad morning, bad year.

Where I whinge about unimportant things.

So my car has continued to leak. My new-ish 2002 beetle. We’ve had it professionally cleaned twice (not covered by warranty and is under my insurance deductible) but the floors were still wet. Mr. Kallisti has swabbed all the drains and it was still leaking. So this weekend he pulled out all the carpet and padding. It appears that the “professional cleaning” was a watervac & blowdryer as the padding in the front passenger side was covered with black mold. Ugh!
So I’ve been driving with bare metal flooring the past two days. It rained like hell last night and I noticed some dampness on the passenger side when I got in to go to work. The first time I hit the brakes on the freeway I hear this rushing noise and about three inches of water rushed from under the seat into the front of the passenger side, totally immersing the electrical. With the stop and go traffic my car had transformed into a wave machine. It made me cry.
So I called Mr. Kallisti, turned the car around and headed to the warehouse where he works. He’s in the process of popping out the entire interior of the car to pinpoint the leak.
Attention VW owners, swab your drains. Mine is a 2002 Beetle, but we’ve read similar stories of Passats and Jettas online. There’s two drains in the moonroof, two under the wipers, and we think we found two more (that the dealer didn’t know about) under the hatchback. They clog very easily, and the previous owner of my car apprently parked under a leafy tree. Leaks are not covered under warranty and they can do a number on your electrical.
I’ve just hit MONTH FOUR waiting for my so-som from Hypermaniac. I have crates of leetle goods for so-som waiting for her, and just bought the cutest outfit from Lyssa, BUT SHE’S NOT HERE TO ENJOY EEEEEEEEEET! I think Hypermaniac is my very favorite ever but the long wait without notice or warning is making me very sad.
And Luts hasn’t answered any of my four emails this past month trying to exchange a mis-sent outfit.
Life is good though, despite the frustrations. Sometimes it is just difficult to peel away the banana-skin of angst to reveal the ripe fruit of fulfillment beneath.
I think I want to go watch The Libertine again. Lash myself with excess till I bleed.

2 thoughts on “Bad morning, bad year.”

  1. I’m deeply sorry about the car. I hope everything clears up. I also hope that everything from Hypermaniac arrives quickly. Waiting can be horrible!

  2. Oh gosh. Car Trouble. The money! The time! The gnashed teeth! It just never comes cheap. Good luck.
    Aunty A.

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