Backroom drama

More clickies around and I find this:

The Other Boleyn Girl. While the book’s speculative history doesn’t interest me too much, I would LOVE to see the dramatization. One would hope that it would be better than the recent Henry VIII, which was downright awful. But it isn’t even available on Amazon. Sigh… Jodhi May makes the perfect Anne. Loves her. Wants. *stamps little feet*
Also, apparently in the works:
Bleak House: Dickens’ classic gets the soap opera style treatment, with a 16 part dramatisation by acclaimed writer Andrew Davies.
The Virgin Queen: Anne Marie-Duff stars in a lavish four-part drama, exploring the complex character and intimate relationships of Elizabeth I.
Rome: The BBC and US subscription channel HBO are to co-produce an epic and sweeping new drama series which chronicles the rise of the ancient Roman empire through the eyes of two foot-soldiers.
And I must have missed these:
Byron with Johnny Lee Miller also available from Amazon (yay!). Along with Gunpowder, Treason And Plot [BBC]. Both of which I will purchase shortly. Woo!

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  1. Saw both Gunpowder, Treason And Plot and Libertine… one of the benefits of living in Canada – still one of the colonies 😉 You shall enjoy I’m sure!
    Cannot wait for Chronicles and Corpse Bride. Waiting sucks!

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