I have to do it. It is driving me nuts. My books are caving in on me.

This is looms right over my side of the bed, there is about 8″ seperating the two. Please excuse the clean laundry basket overflowing at the foot of the bed here.
I love our cottage, but the bedroom is so small and narrow, and it is the only space with room for my giant bookcase (5′ x 6′!) and all our books. They’re stacked and stuffed in crevasses, spilling onto the floor, and there are numerous crates already in the garage of old paperbacks. I pulled a box of unwanted books a few weeks ago but it didn’t even make a dent!
I’m going to be getting rid of some books. Oh, my beloved books. It is going to be hard. And then, from what is left over, we will store some in the garage, so we can get this monstrosity of a bookcase (that I LOVE) out of our bedroom.
Oh, and *snoopy dance* I won the winky Lusis face last night off of YJP. And for a lot cheaper than I got the orgasmic face. D’oh!