also… squeal!

Sometime this weekend. I’m working all weekend *sadface* but hope to gooooooo!
Chronicle gave it and Salon doesn’t hate it (“‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ is absinthe in movie form.” teehee!). Though I can totally understand why some people wouldn’t want to see it, as Willy Wonka remains a classic that will always stand on its own. Aside from that, we worshipped the thing as kids. omg.

— Advisory: Bratty child behavior and mild mayhem.

Me wantssssssssss.

4 thoughts on “also… squeal!”

  1. I’m taking my 4yo son & 20yo neph tonight! I Can’t friggin’ wait!
    I want an Oompa Loompa NOW Daddy!

  2. Went and saw it last night. While I usually love Tim Burton’s movies, but I was absolutely apalled by this film. The Willy Wonka in this film (played by Johnny Depp) was turned into a Michael Jackson-ish freak and the oompa loompas sang creepy bad dance songs and were frankly not too cute. This movie made me miss the original and want to watch it instead. I liked the special effects and set design though. Can wait to be rented is my rating.

  3. I really hope I enjoy it. I highly respect that they wrote a new script based on the book rather than using the old one or basing it on the old movie.
    The Micheal Jackson comparisions though…..those make me a bit nervous. ^_^;;

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