All going downhill now…

See what happens when Mr. Kallisti goes through the ole photo bucket!?!?
6th Grade. *cough*
Jon & Marjorie

Notes written on the back: Marjorie & Jon

Teeeheee. It didn’t work out between me and Jon. Hahahaa!
And Thanksgiving dinner. That is my dad with the whipped cream can, and my brother with some large implement sticking out of his head. Circa, um… 1978?

So much love.

2 thoughts on “All going downhill now…”

  1. Huh, ain’t that somethin’. I remember Jon, but I don’t remember that dinner. Must have been a birthday or something.
    Ya know, the year is dicey. Gramma was using a oxygen tube about 77 or so. She ain’t got one in that picture. Plus, our living room was painted orange at some point. I don’t remember it ever being white. AND we’re eating in the living room. I’m cornfused.

  2. We had several big dinners at our house, with the big table in the living room. One I remember was a thanksgiving because mom kept me home from school to BAKE BREAD. Get that, huh? And I was 12. Yer lookin’ about 16 there so I thought Thanksgiving was a good bet. But it was prolly 1980 or so.
    And the living room was orange for about 5 minutes. It was the one room dad put his food down about and it went white almost immediately. The chimney breast was brown.

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