Aaaaaaaaaaanika! Ioan alert:

His hair didn’t look so bad in the trailer… but lose the ‘fro dude!

King Arthur: Can’t decide if this movie looks good or not. But I’ll probably see it anyway, I was Arthur obsessed growing up and have read everything under the sun that came out prior to ten years ago.
But “Guinevere: Warrior Princess” must be evaluated when the time comes. There was certainly precident during the early Dark Ages for fiersome women, it just remains to be seen if it is shallow “grrrl power” or well, something else. Hrm. Keira Knightley. We need some uglier women in cinema. I’m so sick of chiselled cheek bones.
From the few pix of Guinevere’s outfits they don’t look very accurate. More medieval-fantasy *inspired* sans the chemise. Um, hello, it was cold in Northern Britain. Blah. And I don’t know enough about male armor to pose a hypothesis, at least there was no 14th century style full body armor to be seen. *phew!*
And um, “Woads”??? Please to stop making up derogatory terms that are dumb. “Those filthy Picts” would have sufficed.
Or “hut monkeys” or something.

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  1. so happy to know there are other costuming/history people out there. poor Will fears taking me to any historical type movie anymore! your observations made me laugh 🙂 I’ll probably bite the bullet and see it as well. But i will walk in pre pared for “deep-hurting”.

  2. Blaaah. I think it looks pretty stupid. -_-* If you’re looking into historical King Arthur, already just looking at Arthur’s armor it’s wrong. They didn’t even have chain mail, let alone plate mail. Arthur’s era was more like leather armor, or armor with rings sewn on. Don’t even get me started on Geneviere’s costume, blagh!! Um, yes. Pictish women did fight. But if you wanna go authentic, more like naked, painted blue, with hair greased almost vertical. Lesse if they give her copper weaponry, that would impress me more. The picts had copper weaponry, which is where the “iron hurts faeries” thing comes from. They totally got cut down by the romans witht heir iron weaponry.
    Meh. 🙂 I’m fussy.

  3. The Roman’s wore mail and leather armor, and since Arthur is supposed to be half Roman have Romano-Brit then it would be appropriate. The armor looks vaguely roman-inspired, but without further research I couldn’t say how accurate it was.
    Guinevere is just all wrong however. Even her day wear, which appears to be vaguely Medieval sans the layers. Check out that sleeveless picture IN THE SNOW. That just drives me nuts.
    However, I will go see it probably, and hope that it is at least entertaining.

  4. This movie annoys me! They left out my absolute favorite character Morgan! Guinevere is not a warrior she cheats on her husband then marries his nephew when Aurther is off at war i hate her

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