3 not-quite-lame reasons why I missed the dolly picnic

1) Took Mr. Kallisti to doctor early this morning for hand strain
2) It started pouring rain
3) I’d really like to curl up with a nice heating pad, some ice cream, and a weepy movie
Sorry lovies! Also, Mr. Kallisti just brought me home the Venus Vibrance. Hahahah! It makes us laugh.
Dittie for the Day: The monthly cycle is the cycle of my life.

2 thoughts on “3 not-quite-lame reasons why I missed the dolly picnic”

  1. Your Venus shaver pimping worked on me today as well. I was in the check out at Walgreen’s, respectably buying Father’s Day cards for my husband from myself and the three kids (ah, how tweet!) when what do I see leering at me from the shelf by the checkout? The Venus Vibrance Flytrap. Damn. I hurriedly put one in my cart and out I went. Darn that Kallisti! So I’m home now and put my vibrating shaver together. Good thing you can detach the blade from the soft rubber body, huh?!? And who knew that “soothing vibrations” would instantly reveal more radiant skin. Gee, I can’t wait to shave my legs, how about you? Let’s have a check in tomorrow and see how radiant we look.

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