When the cat is away

Mr. Kallisti will play…


We went to the Castro last weekend and found one of the naughty boy shops (187334 kinds of loob! who knew!?!?) had the Tom of Finland figure on sale! $20 cheaper than ebay even! And I get to support my local homo loob shop.
This guy rocks, btw, and it’s not even just about the 3 detachable peniseseses. He’s got an awesome face sculpt, *very* Tom! And he comes with a condom for you AND him!
In any case, I’ve been dying for him for months, we couldn’t resist the bargain. So home he came. And he’s been mounting every girl on my desk ever since. I came home to find the above posted to the absinthe forum this evening.
Bloo Barbie looks an awful lot like Paris Hilton, no?

4 thoughts on “When the cat is away”

  1. I am a fashion doll artist, who does fashion showcases and photostories with my fashion dolls, I too have the Tom of Finland doll, I totally love this pic!!

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