4th Generation Californian


My grandmother! Kate Overstreet (Prince O’Brien) circa… erm, mid 1920’s.
Ran across cousin Andy’s repository of family pictures, and there are a bunch I’d never seen. My grandmother’s family hails from just south of San Jose, in Hollister. They were fruit farmers… all those vintage california fruit crate labels? Casa de Fruta? Neighbors anyway. Yeah, that was us ^_^
Sailor Ralph!Aunt Edith in old-fashioned bathing costume
I found these after the photoshoot I did the other day, honest! I was tickled to see this one of my uncle in a sailor suit and my great aunt Edith sporting it up in what even then was an old-fashioned bathing costume.
You can see a gallery of the Prince/Overstreet family on flickr!
I like to share.