Weekend at Salon du Blastmilk!

Butter dances. She has since the first second we got her. Mr. Kallisti made her this hoola skirt ages ago, and while Harry was over he snapped a picture of her doin’ her thang.

So. Much. Love.
Harry came over Saturday for a much needed absinthe tasting & red meat eating fest! He showed up with a half dozen (at least) little neatly labeled samples of vintage absinthes for us to taste and rate. I was the silent partner, did all the typing, and added my 2 cents when I had it “slight latex after-taste like a flavored condom.” Yeah, that was me… Harry and Mr. Kallisti are off the hook for that one :p And that was just the Serpis 65!
The vintage line-up:

In between all that we went to Skates on the Bay and totally feasted on the red meat. Mwowr. And shrimp. And lavender cocktails. A rare treat indeed. It is crab season here and I think we’re going to make a trip up the coast (read: cheaper) for Valentines Day and whole crab and oysters. I’m thinking Tomales Bay.

Sunday, watched some extraordinary films. Some random TiVo’d from TCM… and some from netflix. Of note are:
sylvia-scarlett1.jpgSylvia Scarlett: darling and sassy li’l Kate Hepburn/Cary Grant number. Kate cross-dresses through most of the flick, totally giddy-making. Some funny, slightly queer moments that are precious.

The Pinky Violence Collection: Terrifying Girls’ High School: Lynch Law Classroom (1973)
Kyoufu Joshi Koukou Bouroku Rinchi Kyoushitsu
Um, just awesome. Girl gangs, murderous school girls, and hot girl on girl action. If you like Russ Meyers then you’ll really love the Pinky Violence collection. Woo!