Wee weekend of fabulousness

Spent the weekend in Tahoe with Todd & Ben. It was super fantastic. I miss them so much already, I DIE! Loverly weekend, very relaxing. Only lost about $40 at the penny slots (we’re saying nothing of Mr. Kallisti’s losses :p ).
Todd & Ben got the rockstar suite. So we got the best-friend-of-rockstar suite. OMG. The bathroom. AGH! And every time a hotel type person came to the door they handed us a fistful of Godiva chocolates.
Very nice.
Unfortunately FATBURGER now joins Krispy Kreme (don’t even get me started) on the list of what-should-a-bebastion-of-yumminess-but-is-NOT. Give me In-N-Out Burger or give me death!
We of course decended the mountain Sunday morning to hit our favorite crap emporium in downtown Reno. They did not disappoint. I came out with a Fistful o’ Dollies. Not least of all was this tall beauty:

Sorry for the crappy photo, but it still dark out and I am impatient! She’s marked Kaysam 1961 (see pic of similar girl stolen from ebay below). She has ice blue hair, cat eyes and ultra tweezed brows! Weirdest of all, it is not a trick of the light, the whites of her eyes really are blue! Her hair at one point was in an elaborate up-do, but it is smashed. However, most of it is in silky smooth condition. Can the experts tell me the best way to clean and smooth her hair!?!?! She’s so fabulous, I want to make her look uber glamourous. She’s 24″ tall and has the serious va-va-voom figure! Her outfit might be original. She needs shoes. She needs a little brightening on her makeup, one cat-eye eyeliner is rubbed off etc.
Um, isn’t she FAB?
A Kaysam glamour bride from ebay:

Couple reference lines, from the internet: one and two
More later. Oh boy.

3 thoughts on “Wee weekend of fabulousness”

  1. I can’t wait to see how you re-glam her. She will be gorgeous!
    And as a side note, it’s nice to learn that I’m not the only one who takes issue with Krispy Kremes. (Everyone around here is in love with them.)

  2. Ack! They are bad donut! They donut know how to make a freakin’ crueller.
    We have tons of li’l old fashioned 24 hour donut places around here. No need for teh evil.
    Also, I stole your meme of 5. Hopefully will post today, woot!

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