Wee holiday

Took the day off today. Finished production on yet another iteration of the corporate website and I’m totally beat. I had to work through some pain and illness so I was pretty ill tempered at work. Just hoping it didn’t show too much :p
So yesterday, when the site was live and I was pretty sure the kinks had been worked out, I demanded a holiday and got it. Phew!
So I’m happily surfing the internet and drinking too much coffee. In my pj’s. I’m so behind! LJ: I was lucky if I could scan my fllist looking for pretty pictures. DOA: poking my head in to voice an opinion now and again. Home: my mother in law is coming next week so we’ve been spring cleaning. Needed to anyway as we had a bad mildew problem what with all the rain this spring and the fact that where our house is used to be a marsh. So everything had to be moved away from the outside walls and cleaned. Hence the selling. Not that my stuff is moldy!!! Just need to get rid of some of this stuff…
I need to revisit my to do list now that I am out of production mode. I did manage to fix the notification features with the blog, so it is working now, or appears to be! Thanks to Pair.com support (my host) who are AWESOME and know their shit and if they don’t they find out. I’ve been with them for almost six years now, with hardly a complaint. And they NEVER, EVER have gone down. EVER. Just wanted to say. ♥.
Wow, I guess I felt the need to update, huh?
I’ve been a little disconcerted about how cookies or whatever let ad servers track you all over the internet. I noticed last year sometime that Lane Bryant ads were being served at me everywhere I went and I was all “how do they know I’m fat!?!?! wtf.”
But whatever.
Speaking of… some of the spring stuff is sooper cool. They’re carrying on a bit with the vintage/historical costume theme. I picked up this amazing blouse the other week though it doesn’t look like it is on the site anymore. In the softest white cotton w/ pale blue stripes it is totally a 1830’s drop sleeve inspired top. With large pintucks the sleeves drop of the shoulders and then poof. I could get all Brontësque and still wear jeans. Weeeee!
OMG, I’ve been talking to you for an hour. I hope to go look at little chihuahua doggies today. Weee!

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  1. If I told my mother I just spent the last hour looking over the apron section of a ladies fashion store? I think she would fall over, dead. It would kill her.

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