Vintage dolls

I also love 20’s-40’s dolls, and have collected just a few. Here are some of my other darlings lying around the house. I may be off on the date allocations. Some of them I’m sure on, some of them I guess.

click for giant pic!

40’s Composition Nun doll, Carnival prize dolls in chalkware (20’s) and celluloid (30’s-40’s), 1930’s Old Rubber Donald Duck (belonged to my Dad), 40’s French Can Can Dancer, 30’s Celluloid & Velveteen Monkey & a mini Celluloid Black Carnival Doll, and a couple baby rolly pollies (30’s and modern repro).

70’s Hawaiian Kissy Face Girl, 40’s Sr. Suavé, and a Photo of the Del Rio Midget Singing Group. Then there is Living Dead Girls Siamese Twins, 50’s Japanese Kimono Girl, and another 40’s French Can Can girl.
And Biscuit insisted on horning in on the photo op. Li’l slut.