I’ve had this outfit for two months, and have been waiting til the wintery holidays to put it on Kisara. Um. I had no idea the hood had little bear ears. This wins as the cutest Takara outfit ever. I don’t understand why they can’t come out with such cuteness for Blythe. And for 1800 yen too. The shoes are even better than usual.

Pardon the holiday clutter. All my toys come out of storage. Wee!
And then there’s this! Wee lefton-like devil figgers. I picked these up for a pittance (as in: under $10, yo) on my last trip to Reno. They’re missing their little pitch forks, so we’ll have to rig something up for that. But they are SO TINY. The wee ones are about 1″.

Wah! My Volks issue Haute Doll just flew through the mailbox. Woo! And my geektastic autographs arrived from Godzillafest.

I am replete.