The long lost Reno trip pictures

Normally I would have just forgotten about them after all this time (three weeks ago), but some of them were too funny not to share. Click piccie below for gallery:

Thanksgiving was the lovely. We made roasted garlic mashed potatoes, italian sausage and sourdough stuffing, grease beans, and homemade organic cranberry sauce with orange and apple and spicey things. Mmmm. My brother took care of the exquisite bird. And then gave us half of it to take home. Oh boy. Since my stepmother complained about the hillbilly music we were playin’, we put on the Cyndi Lauper & Love & Rockets. Which made my night. They never play my music. My brother usually plays John Denver or Mack Davis. But since we brought him bottle of bourbon he promised not to. Oh, and I had mudslides all night.
It was warm and fuzzy with lots of poo talk during dinner. I hearts my fambly.

One thought on “The long lost Reno trip pictures”

  1. OMG I want that Weeny Queen sign! In my house!
    *crosses legs* those ‘insterments’ (and I use the term loosly) looked painful… *_T

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