The Gay Nineties!

We had some of these as children. Probably from our Grandmother??? They’re 1950’s I believe but I remember the 3-D quality of the pictures as well as the “lace” edging ^_^ They’re mini placemats, about 5×8″, of pressed and coated cardboard. This is the kind of crap I’m bringing home all the time. They’re magical. And completely sentimental.

K, I’m going to go watch Babes in Toyland again.

2 thoughts on “The Gay Nineties!”

  1. what! those are brilliant and fantastic and sooo wierd…
    hahaha, we have a club here in minneapolis called ‘the gay nineties’. but it is kind of where all the straight people hang out and think they are very cool for being at a gay club.

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