Shopping, shopping, shopping

Not our intention to have a big shopping weekend, but it was!
A weekend's worth of loot!

Firstly, after having NY style pastrami sammiches at Saul’s in Berkeley on Friday night we popped into “Black Oak Books” next door. As we were going in I said “Going into bookstores is like gambling; I know I’m going to lose a buncha money just walking in the door.” How true! But I got some treasures:
The Political Ideas of the English Romantics The Political Ideas of the English Romantics by Crane Brinton
The Works of Alexander Pope with an Introduction and Bibliography by A. Pope
Historic Costume for the Stage by Lucy Barton 1935
The Portraits of Madame de Pompadour: Celebrating the Femme Savante by Elise Goodman 2000
Secondly, we’d noticed a new cool stuff shop had opened in an unlikely place in our neighborhood. Up on Fairmount Avenue next door to Fat Apples. We could see Archie McPhee pirate goods in the window as we drove by late at night coming back from Saul’s. So Saturday morning we went to Fat Apples for brunch and checked out “Eclectix” next door afterwards. She’s been open for six months, and has a cool gallery space in the back with art that doesn’t suck! She says they’re doing a Halloween show so we added our name to the mailing list, woo! A great melange of Cool Things™. From Archie Mcphee goodies to vintage kitsch and cool handbags. Even the vintage was well priced and displayed. I bought two handbags :p I’m so set now. Mr. Kallisti bought some glow in the dark jelly fish and a little Mr. Fuji that grows out of crystals kind of like magic rocks. Oh, and she was playing Mazzy Star. Yay.
There’s an antique store next door so we popped in there. And I nabbed on of my wee celluloid snowsuit babies. Yeah!
Celluloid Snow Suit Baby
Thirdly, Sunday, we went to the Alameda Antiques by the Bay fair. We’ve only been a few times, and it has been about a year. It is huge, and goods are on the pricey side. Til now there was very little our style kitsch and hardly no toys and dolls. Well, that has changed! There were toys and dolls everywhere. Always riding the crest of the wave, I guess. Meh. But still… I’ll have to go more often now. There were numerous booths with fabrics and notions and millinery supplies, some of them even reasonably priced! We’re real cheap asses, so I just got bits and pieces here and there. The place is so huge that we didn’t make it through it all, and we got there at 9am, left at 3pm!
German Painted Wood MiniaturesGerman Painted Wood MiniaturesBlastmilk Fabric!German Painted Wood MiniaturesGerman Painted Wood MiniaturesGerman Painted Wood Miniatures
Awesome German tole painted dollhouse bed! An 8 piece Nun & Cardinal band, and Girl in Mourning holding flowers (see flickr descriptions) and dancing couple!
Even though I was liberally lubricated with SPF30 I am so sunburned. Cry. It hurts. I can’t remember the last time I had a sunburn that outlasted the first 24 hours.
The dollies are having a spa weekend. Miette has been power washed (poor thing), Aschenputtel sanded and buffed (wow, did she have big seams!) and Ondine is next for a power wash and new face-up o_0
I had wanted to take pictures of the Muse Doll loot, but I had it on Ondine (Petit Rococo fits!) so we may have to be patient. I’m also replacing the garish silver braid on the Dollheart Venetian frock coat with some beeyootiful vintage tarnished gold stuffs Paulkaiju’s mother so kindly donated to the cause. She won’t be disappointed.
And then I think we’re going to grill some meats, as my brother had plans, or something. Bah!