I’ve had to repaint my F04 twice. So I’m giving up til later. Fifi is dismantled and in pieces all over the kitchen counter. She’s been thoroughly cleaned, we just need to recoat & reblush. Not to mention redoing her face as well.
My DD hasn’t hit the US shores yet, so I’m afraid it won’t be here til next week now. Ugh. I missed buying the cutest handmade blythe outfit from someone on TIB forums. I got my second choice though, yay for sailor grrrls, but aaargh, I want chickens.
I’ve had PMS for a week and I still want to drive a stake through my forehead. And everyone elses for that matter (except Mr. Kallisti who is the most awesome creature on the planet). I just need to sit down and watch Pride and Prejudice or something. Or Poldark. All 24 hours of it. With a box of it’s-its in the freezer.
Now I have to go to the doctor.

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