Other things

Part of the art of dominating the household with my crap is making sure I share in Mr. Kallisti’s interests and give them their just due.
WELL. We have a gorgeous deco hutch in our mini-dining room (currently Kallisti’s Play Hut) that I originally intended for Mr. Kallisti’s things and the stuff we like to collect together. Up until this weekend it was a disorganized pit. I finally decided to clean it out, pack up the stuff that wasn’t on the “oh my gawd I love it so much” list and display his kicky kollections with verve.

Top shelf: girly collectibles. He’s got another 8 or so of the girly peek-a-boo glasses but we haven’t unearthed them in the garage yet. 2nd shelf: corn collectibles (he’s my corn-fed midwestern boy and he likes his corn). 3rd shelf: BBQ, meat and cooking stuff we’ve bought together. Bottom shelf: Our weddin’ license and picture, squashed penny passport and Cafe Du Monde coffee can for pennies. Yip!

His grandmother’s S&P shakers and my grandmother’s scary clown bank. I think we go together frightfully well.