My wittle kitchen bitch…

I’m all flubbergusted with glee!
Secret Santa was good to me this year! Melissa! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! She sent the most awesome Blythe dress ever. I can’t even begin to describe. I’ll just show you 2389743 pictures instead. And the best excuse to debut la Casa Formica’s kitchen. Still in need of base boards and crown molding, but crikey! I can’t wait forever…

cleek on pictures for bigguns.

Mr. Kallisti didna unnerstan why I put Gudrun back in her cowboy boots. Because! It is the ultimate in alt-girl fashion sense: cute li’l vintage housedress with giant stomper or cowboy boots. Duh!

And look who was playin’!

7 thoughts on “My wittle kitchen bitch…”

  1. La Casa looks excellent – I just started “Women in Love” and can’t help picturing your Gudrun as Gudrun Brangwen.

  2. Dizzam! Casa Formica effin rocks. Luv the new duds (‘specially with the boots). Your Blythe’s are awesome, the only Blythe’s I’ve ever loved really 🙂

  3. Hi! WHere do you get your blythe dolls? they are so beautiful and I can’t find any!!!
    <33 Laura

  4. I got sent here by your brother. Oh my, Maybe the food obsession should come to an end and I should get into dolls instead. I am sure it would be kinder on my waistline.

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