Memory Lane

Take the Blastmilk Tour! Kinda fun, I could get lost in there.
I found DeeDee Ramone’s guitar pick in my jewelry box the other day. It has made me… melancholic. I picked it up off the stage at Berkeley Square in ’83 or ’84. Perhaps the same concert as the ticket in my scrapbook.
Syd Barrett died.
And to make matters even more poignant, R.I.P. Cody’s Books. Oh, how my formative years have slipped away…
I looked up a past acquaintance. He was the suave King of New Wave in Berkeley circa 1984, after being the Prince of Punk Rock a few years previous. Once I shocked him by appearing in public without make-up (at 16 I wore a lot, a la crazy new wave influences). Startled, he suavely blurted “Oh my god. You’re ugly!” I wasn’t and I’m not, but it is amazing how these things STICK in your head. I saw him again ten years later, it was laundry day and I was in these huge awful pants and my hair was unkempt (so what else is new?). He was in fucking birkenstocks and I still wanted to crawl in a pit of shame and die. In any case, it looks like he’s written a book about his young Berkeley Punk Rock exploits, pdf on Mr. Sunshine is all hearts and flowers now. Irony! Sigh. Oh, the assholery of youth. How thou doth scar.
I’m 37. Imagine the meandering mind at 86! Guh!

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  1. Holy criminey! I check up on your purdy blogging from time to time and I’ve never seen your decapitated head for Bastille Day! Wow! Is it going up in the yard again this year? Vive la revolution!

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