Meet Edgar…

Trinian finds her true love.

I picked up Edgar in Reno last weekend for a pittance. His poor, and persistant skin condition notwithstanding, he’s fantastic. The outfit has many layers, all delicately done, there are two or three petticoats plust bloomers, gown and bonnet. His eyes are painted glass and they still go to sleep when you tip him! Though they make an attractive squeaky noise.
Beastly baby! Yay!

3 thoughts on “Meet Edgar…”

  1. Trinian looks disturbingly intimate with Edgar which is deliciously chilling. He’s fabulous ~ congratulations on finding him and taking him home! They’re very powerful photos, I liked seeing all the textures and details at the full sizes too ~ and Trinian’s beautiful lips of course.

  2. Well, Deadgar…er, Edgar is rather cute. Can’t blame Trinian for finding him attractive. He’s quite the morbid little prince!

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