I can’t even show you half the stuff we got, they’re prezzies. My brother’s 40th birthday is next weekend, and I got some celebratory loot for le Marquis as his birthday was Wednesday, and he also moved into his own very own New Orleans mansion on the same day. Weee!
But this is what we brought home for meeeee! My birthday is coming up, so prezzies for me too. Thank you Mr. Kallisti!!!!
We made a day trip to Martinez, the birthplace of the Martini! Yay! But they also have one of the best li’l old style Main Streets covered with antique stores. Great stuff too.

The baby table in blue and white and the blue tin high chair are for Demelza. Then we have two sets of paper dolls, Hayley Mills (yayayay!) and really sweet Japanese paper dolls, inside there is boys and girls and lots of traditional and mod outfits. And theeeeen, there is the “River Boat” Enid Collins box. Reminds me of New Orleans and is in my favorite green, so it will match everything I own. And a red velveteen reindeer for my christmas display. Yay. Then there is a hat stand covered in red and green flower paper that is very darkened by seventy years of gramma smokin’ heavily. But I’ve always wanted a little hat stand, Fifi can hang her wig on it. Oh boy, and down on the lower right is a whole set of Japanese animal shaped pencil sharpeners. These are the cutest thing on the planet, and are brand new in box from some unknown era, could have been last year but I doubt it. As long as you ignore the large hole in their booties, these will make the best Blythe pets. Freaky! My favorite is the li’l black and white fellow in the front.

I’m sorry, I love talking about all my crap.

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  1. What amazing stuff! I love the pencil sharpeners… drooling with great envy here. Hi, by the way – I’m claire. 🙂 I have been lurking so thought I should say hello.

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