Legolas & Galadriel

Posting these because the original releases by whatever toy company were so abysmal. Still, I would have LOVED a Galadriel that looked like Cate Blanchette, as I am secretly in love with her. Anyway, the costumes for these two are much better than the previous editions, with an overall better package. Barbie & Ken only retail for about $40 each, due out October/November.


Spent the morning taking all of Biscuit’s poo toys away. He thinks the catbox is an endless supply of poo footballs. Gross! And he french kisses us with that mouth. Mr. Kallisti is all “I feel like such a bad father, look at his face.”

One thought on “Legolas & Galadriel”

  1. Do you have any idea of whether or not the Galadriel doll has the older barbie body sculpt with the twist waist and big weird bust, or the new one with the connected, more realistic waist with the slightly separated fingers?

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