Lefor Openo doll Zoe!

Random cool flea market find o’ the month! Found this leetle beauty at the Alameda Antique Faire a couple weeks ago. She’s a fantastic 1960’s doll, about 8″ tall, and made of foam rubber. Definately a bratz prototype (:p) if the label image is anything to go by. We’ve done a bit of restoration on her box, and switched the evil wire holding her in for a ribbon. But other than that, she is as we found her and in perfect condition. She looks rather like Bridget Bardot. Meow, meow!

A little googling and we discovered this doll was made by a very popular French design team of two ladies. And guess what? They’re currently big in Japan! *falls over*

One thought on “Lefor Openo doll Zoe!”

  1. OMG! I need to get a hold of some of those postcards and dishes… I’ll bet they’re spendy…

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