I had the pear dream again. All is lost.

According to Mr. Kallisti I woke up early this morning and told him that I had a dream about Brad Pitt’s anus. He asked me what color it was and I said “very pink.” When he brought it up later in the afternoon I had no idea what he was talking about.
He keeps a journal next to the bed to write the weird things I say in my sleep.
Sylvie should be shipping monday or tuesday shipped yesterday!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Went dolly-clothes-making shopping today. Got some groovy CHEAP fabric at Discount Fabrics and then went to Lacis (the most gorgeous awesome shop on the planet) and bought a bunch of vintage white handkerchiefs to make delicate little white dolly clothes out of. Also bought blue silk ribbon and hat buckram.
I almost bought a dolly clothes pattern book just to get the poke bonnet pattern but it was $20 and I was already spending too much on little white handkerchiefs.
Mr. Kallisti suffered the excursion very well and carried around large bolts of fabric for me. So much love!