I ate a baby octopus!

Just got back from another morning at Japantown in SF. Picked up… a ton of books at Kinokinuya *cringe*… I know, I know. I just got rid of FIVE CRATES. And now I bring home, erm… 7 more books.
Such is the life of an incurable collector.
But they are the awesome books. I’ll spend the weekend in the tub flipping through them. Yum.
Oh yeah. So the octopus. Took Mr. Kallisti to Isobune. He’d never been to a sushi boat place. He’s really been enjoying the plethora of sushi/fresh fish out here (he’s recently from Michigan). So we did the sushi boat thing! I was very adventurous. And ate everything that looked pretty. Including teensy octopus that looked like it was in a red pepper sauce and wrapped in seaweed. Tiny suckers! I am very proud and triumphant (I’ve been terrified of seafood for most of my life. This is big stuff). I had all kinds of critters. But my favorite was a giant handroll of unagi, avocado and crab. OH MY GAWD. I almost ate two of them, but they were huge.
So yeah, I’m feelin’ all replete. And stuff.
So. Before I go start on my kimono project (got the pattern resized! woo!) I grabbed a couple pictures of Fifi. She doesn’t wear her default FCS wig too much, but it is soooo lovely. And I hadn’t tried any dark eyes in her and thought she might look swell in Demelza’s default cobalt. And day’um! Dark eyes make her look much more demure. I still love her so much. If anyone ever thinks these dolls aren’t worth their price tag… oh man. They’re like nothin’ on earth.


And it is very cool a few other people are going to try the Kimono Project™ ! We should all post results. Here’s the pattern, to refresh. Enlarge 121% to fit SD13.
Oh, and we bought seven sets of re-ment. Eeeee! Mr. Kallisti has the knack of picking the set we want. And I don’t. So we went back and bought a bunch of the baby sets and I still didn’t get the ones I wanted! *cry*
But we got some cooly cool ones. Woo.
Oh yeah, and *cough*… I’m currently in the market for 18mm nice glass eyes in pretty colors. My girls wear 20mm. And all I have are some red mac creatives that I *think* are 18mm.
And I don’t know how to find nice Lusis eyes! 12mm! Heck!
Over and out… that is Saturday’s report. It is cold. Brrrr!

2 thoughts on “I ate a baby octopus!”

  1. eep! fifi looks absolutely beautiful in those pics!
    whereat is mr kallisti from in michi? i live a Lake Michigan-bordering town, which is great for freshwater fish, but we are quite lacking in the saltwater fish/sushi department. detroit, though – it seems they’ve got sushi restaurants on every corner.

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