How’d that happen?

Suddenly I have FIVE BLYTHES!?!?!
Today is my only day to take pictures with daylight, so I’m trying to squeeze them all in. Here’s a few of the girls!

In the back are Calliope wearing Mitten’s pink coat and hat outfit, Thistle wearing a Christmas surprise present from Miss Christina, and Polly Styrene wearing her new bunny woolies by Pink Gun. In front are Gudrun in Mitten’s slavic princess outfit, and Marzanna, mitten herself! Oh, and wee pinky doodle petite Blythe in the Dolly Bird special outfit on her vintage Petite Princess lounge.

One thought on “How’d that happen?”

  1. You see what happens when you don’t pay attention? Now you’ll have to spray for Blythes. LOL

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