Gramma’s high chair

and other dusty sundries…

The first shot strikes me so much like Gainsborough I can’t stand it. I wish more had come out (i.e. NOT JITTERY BLURRY CRAPOLA!).
Got my first lot of vintage dolly dresses in the mail today. All handmade, circa 40’s? Maybe 30’s? Someone did me the service of sewing new snaps on them. Three of the dresses came with matching bonnets, obviously all made by the same hand for the same doll. These fit St. Trinian perfectly, if a little wide in the waist (what waist?). The first above is all white cotton babydoll with lace trim and little pearl buttons and button holes up the back. Comes with matching white bonnet with pink ribbon accent. The second below is cream with baby pink all over flower pattern. Snaps up the back and again with the matching bonnet w/ pink ribbons. The little bloomers are my grandmother’s. I wonder why she has this marvelous boobage if I’m going to keep hiding it under baby doll dresses.
My grandmother’s dolly high chair. My uncle gave it to me just last night. He was tickled when I told him I was dressing my new dolls up in gram’s doll clothes. I used to play with this high chair when I was little, he told me my Grandmother made it herself when she was a teenager, which I didn’t know. So that would have been around 1920. I absolutely adore seeing my two worlds fuse this way. Nothing else feels quite like it. I adored my grandmother and have been so proud to have a few of her things. It is lovely to see them get some use and lovin’ again.


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  1. Absolutely breathtaking. And I adore the cobwebbed fabric; it adds dramatically to that ‘lost, enchanted attic’ atmosphere (forgive me, I couldn’t really describe in words how these photos make me feel. Words can’t do the photos justice, as usual). A delicate and vintage beauty.

  2. Hi, I’m still new to all this, but my daughter and I have fallen completely in love with your Trinian doll! Can you please tell me what she is, and where she came from? Thank you so much for all these beautiful pics and scenarios!

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