Glasses Redux

Teehee. Regarding this post.
I’m the luckiest girl in the world! The very nice technician doing my eye tests asked if I liked vintage frames, since they had unearthed a couple boxes in the storage rooms, all in their original plastics and entirely virgin.
Zounds! Says I.
Low and behold, they pull out a tray of very lovely vintage frames, some with shiney stones, some without. I ask them how much they are, since the price will greatly effect my decision making, and my insurance will only cover the first $100. He says, what the lady wants methinks the lady should have. Does a little fake math, proclaims them covered, and the frames are FREE to me. So I picked out a lovely pair of rootbeer frames with pearl & opalescent rhinestone accents, very much in a similar shape to my current pair and AM HAPPY.
So happy I could peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

5 thoughts on “Glasses Redux”

  1. excuse, I am Brazilian and I do not speak very well English! but after knowing its space and its work I needed to try to write a message to only praise! here he is perfect, its work is pretty! congratulations! he is all pretty one excessively here! congratulations! KISSES

  2. Whooo!! Divine frames make wearing glasses WORTHWHILE!! I have a hideous time getting vintage frames that will fit my Big Giant Head, though…..
    Can’t wait for pix!

  3. Francine, I have the same problem. While I look good in cateyes, I have a really wide, round face and if they’re too small and narrow they look awful! I have to try them on to find a good fit.
    I’ll be posting pix when they arrive next week!

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