Going to get my prescription updated for the first time in 2.5 years. I need it! But my glasses… wah. I’ve been wearing this same pair for SEVEN YEARS. They’re vintage and technically holding up really well. The hinges and rhinestones are all intact… but the old style plastic has turned all frosty on the arms and nose bridge on the inside. We’ve tried everything to restore. But they look embarrassing when you take them off.
So I’m thinking it is time to retire them. Sigh. I have a pair of Oliver Peebles that I barely wore that I might go back to. Get my monies worth out of them. But it is like cutting off my hair… will I still be me? Duh, of course, but… different. Bleh.
I skeered.
edit: also, vote! go vote or I will stab you. I’m so serious.

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  1. It must be the Leo in us….I hate to change anything about my appearance either. It’s a huge step!

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