Friday Night Date

So, we were goin’ to our favorite Indian restaurant Friday on Solano, and had a toss up of the two films playing next door of “King Arthur” & “Shrek 2.” Everything that I’ve read about “King Arthur” so far has not been very good, sounds like it was going to be too much like “Gladiator” (bleh!) and the leather pictish bikini was becoming too much for me to bear. So when we saw Shrek was only 95 minutes we said “yeah!”
Um, I haven’t laughed so hard at a movie in I don’t know how long. That thing is fucking hilarious. Rupert Everett, Jennifer Saunders & Antonio Banderas as additions to the cast were my favorite.
Also, I have a long standing crush on Fiona. Because, well… she looks just like me. It is nice to see a heroine you can relate to once in awhile, even if she happens to be an ogre. I was so sad that they didn’t make any ogre-Fiona figures for the last movie (only pretty princess ones) so we made a quest to find ogre Fiona’s for me to play with. A “just my size” doll. And, um, as much as I hate Blockbuster, they had an exclusive 8″ Fiona for $8.99. Now, she just needs some clothes (these Barbie ones don’t fit too good, what a familiar situation!!!):


Also, she comes with these big ass granny underpants. So cute!

3 thoughts on “Friday Night Date”

  1. Personally I think fiona looks BETTER as an ogar.. I wish more dolls were made like that… with chubby/curvy bodies.
    Hey, did you hear? Barbie’s got a new man. Some Aussi name Blane lol Poor Ken… maybe he’ll ‘play for the other team’ like we all knew he would lol

  2. *stares* O___O I didn’t know those even existed! Whoah! What’s the quality like?
    Beautiful human princesses are a dime a dozen but beautiful ogre princess are far more interessting.

  3. For $8.99 the quality is good. She’s all hard plastic, jointed shoulder and legs. Rooted hair w/ satin dress (purple one is the one she came with). The only thing is her shoes are molded on and purple. But if figger just paint them black and they’ll go with anything.
    She’s real cute!

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