Just got back from seeing “Farenheit 9/11” and I must say it is a must see. Even for those sitting on the fence of political issues. Go. Now. We got all angry and punk rock and went and got coffee at B&N afterwards. Rawr. Kick ass. I think if Dubya lasts another four years in office I will die, I will simply perish. And move to Canada. And we thought Reagan was bad. Yeehaw! As the credits rolled I saw Mr. Kallisti flicking away tears of anger and frustration. My quiet giant is distressed. And wants to punch heads.
Along with coffee we picked up the new “Toy Review” magazine. Can I just say… Wee, severed heads!

Elizabeth Bathory” by McFarlane
And Bleeding Edge actually has a cuuuuute 7″. She will look awesome on the desk.

Eva Destruction, they should have done her in the 12″ version, shit dang. Lookie, boobs!
I wouldn’t mind getting one of their 12″ girls and repainting her, they’ve got nice big faces and white skin. But their paint jobs are so hideous. Bleh!
Toys sometimes make it aaaaaaall better.

2 thoughts on “Friday”

  1. I dunno.. I think the bleeding edge girls makeup is fine. I’d love to get some… but I need to cut down on the clutter. As it is… I’m happy with my mc farlane vash the stampeed ^^ besides… if I pinch my pennies I might be able to get my super dollfie soon! *does her happy charlie brown jig*

  2. Weeeeeelll,
    I got a couple of the 12″ Bleeding Edge goth girls a few months ago when they were on super discount. Basically I got them to strip them cuz I think their faces are kinda on the ugly side.
    I was gonna ebay the nude bodies, so if you’d like I’ll let you know when I do.

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