Faerie Queen Double Take

“Legends of Ireland: Faerie Queen Barbie.” This almost has me. Dagnabbit. I’m such a fuckin’ hippy sometimes. She kinda looks like Shirley Maclaine.
The Bard is currently for sale at TRU… very pretty but does not freak me like the above.
And as if that weren’t enough, they’re doing an Elizabeth I that actually doesn’t suck, i.e. she’s got the high forehead . Here’s the original portrait for reference. I have a feeling she’s going to be an outrageously expensive porcelain. But, aaaaaaaaaaargh! Eliza the Faerie Queen is my true love.
But I could easily see buying all of these and then putting them in a box and never looking at them. I will not do that anymore. Poop. So I post them here.

One thought on “Faerie Queen Double Take”

  1. *sobs* I want the faerie queen barbie! And I hate barbies (normally)… so cool, I wonder if I couls make wings like that…. hmmm

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