Abortion?: Gung ho, all for it. It is a fundamental right to control your own uterus.
Death Penalty?: Split. Some people deserve to die, but killing is wrong. I am conflicted. Perhaps, people who throw puppies into oncoming traffic, no?
Prostitution?: Hell yes. Things like prostitution and certain drugs should be legalized, regulated, policed & taxed.
Alcohol?: I hate drunks who vomit through their nose on the bus. Moderation is the key, my friend.
Marijuana?: Not personally, don’t like it. You go right ahead though.
Other drugs?: As Bat sez: You should never do a drug that is redundant to your personality.
Gay marriage?: I will gay marry you!
Illegal immigrants?: I am not well enough informed on this to really come to a decision. I think they should all become legal! They’re here anyway.
Smoking?: Quit. Best thing I’ve ever done. But you go right ahead.
Drunk driving?: Drunk women in SUV’s who swerve and knock people off the bay bridge into the bay: See Death Penalty
Cloning?: DOOM.
Racism?: Personally, I don’t get it.
Premarital sex?: All the time. I was a late bloomer though and didn’t get married til I was 34, so sue me.
Religion?: I am trying to learn not to be afraid of christians and the midwest (my mother in law is both).
The war in Iraq?: So. Wrong. HELLO!?!? I mean it’s great that Sadam is gone and all. But our timing and methodology SUCK ASS.
Bush?: Even my conservative christian mother in law hates him now. Teeheehee!
Downloading music?: *shrug* The record companies are looking mighty foamy at the mouth over a non-issue
The legal drinking age?: They’re just gonna do it anyway. We did.
Porn?: Hell yes. I don’t consume contemporary porn. Most of it is gross. But older stuff, 80’s and before is great. Real boobs. And I loooove vintagey erotica.
Suicide?: it hurts. please don’t.

What is your stand on….. brought to you by BZOINK!