Day trip

I used the excuse that I needed to get new facial scrub to make a day trip into the city today as Sephora is the only place I know that carries my cleanser. Woo. Mr. Kallisti was game.

We hit BART at 10am and got off at Powell St. Had breakfast/lunch at Lori’s Diner on Powell. Funny story about this place is that when I was seventeen I went to a beauty school that used to occupy the same space. Gone are the rows of blue plastic hair dryers and manicure tables, the aging bitter queens screeching at you about the beauty of back combing. Now it’s a typical giganto fake fifty’s diner with cars coming out of the walls and vintage pinball machines. But the food is always good and it gets you off the streets downtown.

I also bought a buncha pink stuff. So shoot me. We then hopped the 7 up to Haight to hit the Japanese toy shops in search of Junko Mizuno’s Miznotic Fantasy Mint or Grape Night Fantasy because between the two shops, Giant Robot & Kidrobot, one of them was bound to have it. Went to Giant Robot first as they had them for $5 cheaper. Nyah. And, sorry folks, I walked out of the store with the mint! It turns out the purple syringe isn’t bloody afterall, it is just a darker purple. Got that and a cool book for Mr. Kallisti of sculptures of plastic women are hooked up to hoses and probed scientifically. Neat!

Then we stopped off at Zam Zam for drinky-poos while we chilled from the unreasonable 75 degree weather. When I was a fresh youngin’ I worked across the street from here. Memories. Weee!
Then we called Micha! Pencilled her in for drinks and BBQ as soon as we made the long trek down Haight to Filmore. That’s right vegetarians, more meat pix coming up, so avert your tender gaze!
We got sidetracked by scary overwhelming cookware store on Divisidero, along with Comix Experience (where was Brian?) and coolio antique retro kitchy shop. Bought volume 2 of MAAKIES! Yeah!!! I’m obsessed. You should be too.

Also got the fabu 50’s kimono girl and her pet squirrel? Opossum? Rat? She’s in the most exquisite shape I’m almost not sure she’s old! But she can’t be new, eeeek! Don’t matter. I love her. If anyone knows anything about these girls, please share!

We then hoofed it the rest of the way to pick up Michele. Went to Mad Dog in the Fog for beer. And ew. This place just ain’t what it used to be. Too many old scary drunks. Bleh. But there was no one in the front parlor so we set up shop and had a few. Michele was crabby so we were extremely grateful she came out. I haven’t been out much recently and we’ve missed eachother terribly.
Then, on to Memphis Minnies. I’ve heard it’s good for sit down BBQ, but not comparable to Everett & Jones or Big Nates or nuttin’. But it’s nice to sit at a table with a plate o’ meat once in awhile. It was good, better than expected, and not too pricey. I had the pulled pork and vinegar bbq sauce and Mr. Kallisti had the andouille sammich and collard greens and the hugest barrel o’ fries I ever dun seen. Micha also had pulled pork so I won’t say no more about it. Judge for yerself:

We gotta go to Reno soon. Got the itch.

7 thoughts on “Day trip”

  1. 😛 You and Mr. Kallisti should be here in Memphis for this:
    When you drive towards downtown, you can smell bbq in the air because the wind blows the aroma coming from the riverbanks of the Mississippi where the contest is held. This year, they have finally allowed the public to actually sample each of the entries (for a price, of course!) in the contest. Before, only the judges could do that.
    That kimono doll is cuuuuuuute!!!!! Where did you find it?

  2. I’m sending that link to my brother, who is the bbq whore. He’s really good too, does it right.
    The doll, ain’t she sweet!?!? I picked her up in an antique shop, a little more than I’d usually pay but she’s in such good condition she must have been in a glass cabinet or storage her whole life.
    Anyway, it is that retro antique shop on Divis near the comic store. Nice stuff, and not all of it horribly over priced :/

  3. Not too bad… $30
    It’s more than I’d usually pay, but she’s older than the similar dolls I have and pristine!

  4. Kallisti, you put the YUM back in DAYUM!!!! XD
    but seriously, that food looks so good!
    and that japanese cloth doll is too cute!!!

  5. $30 isn’t bad considering the condition you got her in! She’s unique, on top of that!!!
    Hahah,…bbq whore! Your brother will fit right in with the rest of the pork fiends on the riverbanks!

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