Biscuit of the Week

Not one, but two unbearably adorable kitten peektures.

Biscuit has taken to cramming himself onto my little doll couch. I think I’ll have to buy him one of these. Meh.

I finally found a real nice vintage Japanese doll case for Gram’s ichimatsu doll on eBay. It is tagged “occupied japan” in the back so is the same vintage as the doll even! Biscuit is funny. Just like the carriage, we put him in there and he seemed happy as a clam to stay.

5 thoughts on “Biscuit of the Week”

  1. OMG! KITTY! That chair is so adorable! Is there a stamp or tag that states the company that made it?
    I see you’re also holding the roaming knome hostage as well. lol

  2. Keetee is cute. I’m allergic to ’em, so poor creeture would have to LIVE in the glass case, I’m afraid.
    Kallisti– I am roaring through the Unoa book. OMG– page 85– is that the optional part pixeled out that I think it is??
    If so, gee, wonder how much it is. Imagine that showing up on your bidding record. *hee*
    I’m motivated to get an airbrush now. Mmmmmmmmm.

  3. Yes! The new unoa boys come with an optional “part”! Two in fact. One is a bit more… engorged than the other. Teehee.

  4. I just showed it to my husband and he was amazed. He thought there might be some Japanese law enabling the “at rest”vers. to be in the book, whereas the “ready for action” vers. had to be pixelated.
    Geez, I wanna get me some winkies and sell ’em on Ebay in my store. I’ll dedicate the auctions to Bill Frist.

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