I don’t talk about my absinthe connection here much. I live and breath the stuff, I don’t really *think* about it anymore the way I do the dollies.
But two things happened this month that have me as giddy as a school girl.
Jade Absinthes have finally seen the light of day. Long story short, a number of years ago (let us say five) Ted Breaux, a friend who is a bio chemist and absinthe historian, began the long and arduous process of reproducing turn of the century absinthe. Three years ago he held an invite only tasting in New Orleans of his products, but due to several business related snafus it is only now that the products have seen the light of day. There has been much speculation and a whole lot more doubt that he has had to face because of the delays. So I am particularly elated that as of last week, two products have been released. Nouvelle Orléans, which is not a replica, but a product inspired by products of old, and Suisse Verte 65, which is a replica of Berger Absinthe, of which I have a vintage sample, and it is absolutely divine.
We are due to receive our first two bottles any day. Very exciting!!! Ted has produced these absinthes in an old absinthe distillery in France, using original Pernod stills. It is fucking exciting. I canna tell you how cool this is. And what is almost as cool as that? Is that Ted has hooked up with my other friends Liqueurs de France for distribution. Rawr! It will be more widely available soon. Right now it is just available to those on the mailing list.
And let me tell ya’ll about fine absinthe made in a traditional matter. It is like liquid perfume. Like a spring garden. Bitter? No… only in the mildest sense. When wormwood is distilled, the bitter absinthins are left behind in the dregs, and what comes over is the most amazing perfume. Distillation, it really does make a difference.

This is Morrigan and I at the Nola Gathering, 2001. We are very drunk. Also, I am very sick. But I drank and smoked a lot anyway, it was a special occasion. Pic courtesy of Emiliano! Who has a whole page of pix from the absinthe gathering in 2001.

And on a similar note, Frenchman Phil has reproduced an absolutely stunning repro belle epoch absinthe fountain. It is only $235 and I covet so much it hurts. No mullah, however. Fire sale! I don’t even have a nice place to put it. Dammint.


6 thoughts on “Absinthe”

  1. I’m not a big drinker, but it looks interesting… I’d like to try some if it makes it’s way up to the Pitts. area. I will definitly be pouring it over sugar tho…*nods*

  2. Curious, do you live in the USA? if yes, where do you get your absinthe from? my boyfriend and i are dying to get some but have no idea where to start looking or what brands are best.

  3. Oui! I live in the states. There are several really good European shops that ship to the U.S. You pay quite a bit in shipping though, so just figure that into the price.
    or just peruse my site & guide for the mega info.

  4. I’ve always wanted to try it, but the whole “gone mad from absinthe” thing, plus all of the highly unflattering art of absinthe addicts has kind of scared me off. -_-*

  5. oh how you torture me with things I am not legally allowed, yet (by age). Ha, I can’t wait until I can have my first sip of the stuff….legally or not. haha.

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