A letter from my mother-in-law…

my conservative, christian, REPUBLICAN mother-in-law. She sends a weekly card, and this week she signs it:
“Well we’re stuck with George W. again for 4 more years. Lord help us all. Love & Hugs, Mom”
Made me laugh.
And Ashcroft resigned.
And there are new Dolly books out there: grp11538box.gif & grp11539box.gif
Anyone know how to order from Amazon.co.jp? Or should I just call Kinokuniya bookstore and special order? Need more silly toy books.

2 thoughts on “A letter from my mother-in-law…”

  1. I ordered Jenny and Licca My favorite Doll Book from Amazon.jp before. Same process as amazon.com. There is actually a button asking you if you want to see the page in english! So that really helps. The shipping is quite expensive though, so it might be better if you order a few more books to compensate the shipping charge.

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