Art Sources

etching from series "Before & After"

Note, in the etching, the corset on the chair & the chamber pot beneath the bed, both symbolizing that despite this girl’s struggle, she’s a little loose in her morals and invited the gentleman to her chambers.

Also note the wonderful detail of the contents of her dressing table. In the drawer is a book of erotic poetry by Rochester, "Novels" & "The Practice of Piety." On the floor is a spilled powder box & small box of spots or beauty marks.

Before and After
oil from series "Before & After"

Though the oil paintings contain less detail than the etchings, these were priceless in deciding color schemes. It looks to be wood panelling. But I chose a deep georgian rose to offset the blue-green bed curtains.

The Quack
Oil (from series "The Rake’s Progress")

Finding source material for 18th Century apothecaries is not easy, so I was thrilled this has so much detail. Not too visible in this rendition, but there is a wolfs head on top of the shelves on the left, and an alligator hanging from the ceiling. Now all I need is some scary taxidermy with which to outfit my shop.

The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum … exquisite! Note the lovely slate flooring.

19th Century, but an inspiration and favorite haunt, none the less. The old slate floor inspired my own.

18th Century French Apothecary
NOTE: Aligator hanging on ceiling! Just like the Hogarth painting.

17th – 18th Century Apothecaries & Medical Practices

17th – 18th Century Apothecary Jars and Ceramic Ware