Wither Crockett!

Or, We Just Bought A House!  Apologies for not being present this past three months!  You can always visit me on Twitter or Facebook, upon which I scribble daily.

I’m so excited… at long last, a dream come true. I can’t paint and decorate till my head explodes!  Sure there are many benefits to home ownership, but being able to paint the hallway shocking pink is at the tip top of my list!

The house, originally sold for $3990 in 1926, was a company house for the workers of the C&H Sugar Factory, the main employer in the tiny town of Crockett.  A family room has since been added on the back, and a bonus room finished out in the basement/garage. The garden has been lovingly tended, sculpted and terraced. It has a brick patio with a Monkey Ball Tree that turns deep red in the fall before losing its leaves.

My father & Uncle tell me that my Great Uncle, Dick Prince, was a chemist for C&H back in the day and lived on the other side of town. So we have cousins who grew up here as well.

So here it is, the new Château Blastmilk! We’ll be gettin’ the keys in a week or two!

1927, Then…

Tenney Terrace: 1927!

And Now… 2010!

1926 House in Crockett

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About: Crockett, California on Wikipedia:

Crockett is located on the Mexican land grant Rancho El Pinole made to Ygnacio Martinez, and is named after Joseph B. Crockett, a judge on the California Supreme Court.[1] The town started when Thomas Edwards Sr. bought the land from Judge Crockett in 1867.[1] Edwards built his home and established a company town for the C&H Sugar company.[1]

Crocketville post office was established in 1883, and the name was changed to Crockett later that year.[1]

Article: Article on Crockett, The Chronicle, August 2008