A clean well-lighted place…

workroom-001The best Valentine of all… Mr. Kallisti graciously suggested I take over our wee dining room as a work room. Hither-to-fore my work stuff has been in plastic bins chucked all over the house, and everytime I had a project it all got yanked into the middle of the living room floor.

It is small, but the cutest room in the house. It has a built-in in one corner with art deco edgings, and another corner cabinet we bought in the other corner. It is also the best lit room in the house, perfect for projects.

I’m so happy I could MAKE SOMETHING!

4 thoughts on “A clean well-lighted place…”

  1. Hey, congrats! It’s always a nice feeling when you can have your own space, other than your place in the bed. One should always have a room to do projects or compute or read or … do private things.
    Some day I’ll have enough scrilla to get the garage cleaned up and made into a “room”. Some day …

  2. I love your “clean well lighted place” (and so would Hemingway, no doubt, not that HE’D ever sew anything). It has such style! Just like your Fifi and her glorious outfits. My daughters are so jealous they constantly whisper to me to make clothes for them. I try. Baby steps.

  3. !!! It’s so luvely! Soft and pink and glowing and ripe for creation! 🙂 I need to clean my little ‘sweatshop’ area so that it’s actually decent for showing off. Haha. I should take before and after pictures but I’d only show you and a few others the before–so shameful! Hehe.

  4. The theme is red/white with corn (yellow) accents! The curtains are red/white gingham with daisies, so I incorporated Mr. Kallisti’s corn collection into it.
    That is what makes a marriage work.

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