Wig & Eye Resources

Audrey’s Doll Supplies: Great resource for wigs and eyes and supplies from multiple companies.
Deputy Dolls: Sells Kanis Augen German doll eyes in the US
Enchanted Doll Eyes: beautiful urethane eyes from reseller Blanki!
Goody Two Shoes: mini grommets and eyelet machine
How to make a kimono doll: Pattern is for a 19″ doll, but if you enlarge it by 121% it will fit SD & SD13.
Kemper Dolls: Wigs… lots of mohair wigs! Lashes, doll shoes etc. all available stateside.
Lacis: All things sewing incl. corset making & millinery supplies and LOTS OF SOURCEBOOKS. Yay.
Leeke World: Beautiful wigs
Tallina’s Doll Supply: HG Glass eyes and wigs.
Tiny Zippers: Itty bitty sewing notions like wee zippers (duh), buttons, buckles etc.