What I’m talkin’ ’bout.

Warning, liquitex prism violet & naphtol crimson stains the soft dollfie dream vinyl used for the bust and the hands. Mr. Kallisti removed his first try on painting the nipples, as they were too purpley-pink and they stained them a pale orange! S’ok cuz we’ll just paint them in the same spot. So ya know.
Also saw the new TLC “What Not To Wear” which featured the cutest wee fruits/cosplay twins from San Francisco, Valerie & Veronica. Veronica even did a cameo in her Gatchaman outfit. Wooo! Personally, I liked most of the stuff they were wearing before they threw it all out. Except the poor sasquatch boots. Eeeeeeeeee! They didn’t make them look hideous or anything, just gave them some outfits to wear to work instead of looking like anime characters.

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  1. Oh for the love of GAWD, I hate that show! Those two makeover clothes people..whatsit and who’s-her-face are so brutal and cruel. And fruitsy-cosplay is so cute!
    As far as I’m concerned, NOTHING is wrong with looking like anime characters. ;D
    Psst- I am now convinced that Dollfie Dreams are porntastic. You’re just having a ball with Calamity(who is the sexiest doll on the PLANET omgwtf she’s hawt!), aren’t you? XD

  2. I don’t mind the show, I like mean. And they are mean in a good way…
    But they did have the sense to only try and dress them for the office. They said they wouldn’t even try to dress their night/weekend wear because they have such kookie personal style, and they did call it Tokyo trendy or some such. But the girls were adorable. Eeep!

  3. LOL!!! Riiiight! Now I wanna see Ms. Kallisti herself go to work dressed as Faye Valentine and see if she can get any work done as a male audience collects around her desk! 😛
    Well, they are in advertising and they’ve gotta dress appropriate for that type of work environment and I’m sure, they meet with clients. While adverstising is a creative job, ya still gotta be somewhat professional in appearance, ya know?
    Oh, I think those 2 hosts had no intention of trying to dress the girls for the weekend. Even if they thought the girls dressed kooky, they know that’s their personal style and there is some thought behind it,…unlike a lot of the people they have on the show who don’t really give much thought to their wardrobe and look hideous!
    BTW, why not just blush her nipples with pastels and Super clear? You’d have to blush and super clear in layers tho.

  4. It should be if it’s similar to the boobies that those EB Beauty dolls have. Uh, I’ll ask Jujube if she used Super Clear on her DD.

  5. I don’t like the people on that show much. I was jsut thinking abotu that earlier. They mostly just try and make people who tehy don’t know into people like them. Kind of snotty…:\
    I want to go on that show and show them how it’s done.

  6. I worship your blog…very cool stylization of MT. Not to mention vinyl-clad resin temptresses with anuses and all. I mean, how can I resist? :d Can I please, please ask how you inserted the spam control into your blog? I think I need it. “Cialis,” “Viagra” and “Vicodin,” along with their friends, are commenting way too much on mine. >_<

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