Volks’ Original Fashion Dollfie

Wowie, something new-NEW out of the Volks arsenal. Original Fashion Dollfie, Masami (light skinned) & Tomoko (dark, and darker than their normal “tan”!). New dollfie based on the EB Slim bodies, same as Who’s That Girl. So they’ll have the fashion line-up of the WTG behind them to boot.
I love them! The face-mold looks similar to the romantic Century Models, sweet yet still sassy. Perhaps their trying a different tactic from their fashion Century Models? I don’t think they ever appealed much this side of the pond.
Edit: It appears that this is a collaboration with a TV show or… ? If anyone can translate the page above better than I, please inform!
On a side note, I have been slowly working on fixing the glitches with my blog, and have been doing some housecleaning with the categories. Trying to trim them down a bit,and replace too specific categories with tags. You can use the search function or the “tag cloud” list to find specific things like “dollfie” or “unoa” and I’ve tried to add my doll names in a consistent manner, so you can search on “St. Trinian” and come up with all the posts I’ve ever made about her. Neat!
I don’t usually work piecemeal with the site, but with current time constraints I update a style tag here, some brokey js there. Bleh. I’m still getting settled into the new house. But I’ve managed to have some quality dolly hobby time, just not documented. Yet. Bwahahaha!