Volks is cool.

Just when I discovered you can order from the Japanese site on Volks.co.jp they open up ALL the 1/6th links! Woo! This includes all supplies, zoukie brushes, rooting hair, chalks, eye putty, eeeeeeeeeverything. Granted, shipping starts at $25, but you save quite a bit ordering direct. Pssst! My secreit: I usually order an extra head or body to sell to cover my shipping costs.
So, go shoppin’ girls.

4 thoughts on “Volks is cool.”

  1. Ooo. I hadn’t checked in on the site in awhile, so thanks for posting. 🙂 Now, whan they get the online FCS working, then it will be a dangerous thing.

  2. Italy, but a few days later a friend of mine in Tacoma, WA, got about the same amount to pay 🙁

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