Sometimes you just gotta

Buy a sailor girl t-shirt! From…
I was in Lane Bryant yesterday looking at their stripey-tees. The overly enthusiastic sales girl pontificates that she doesn’t know why they sell them, one simply musn’t wear horizontal stripes evar. “But they’re piratey,” says I, grabbed one and checked out.
Judy Blume wrote that fat girls should never wear frillies or pink or lace. I’ve had a complex since I was eleven that at thirty-eight I’m just now getting over and I don’t care if I look like a 200 pound milk-maid. rawr! Milk this!
On another note, my blog is swamped with half-written unpublished posts. I’ve been too busy to finish anything of note, and haven’t been online from home much for aaaaages. Which is good for me! I’m working diligently on health isssssues. The dollies look pretty, but secretly blame me for neglect. Things should be back to normal after Dollectable and the Europe trip. My parents are all moved to their new digs, and one final, GLORIOUS, piece of family furniture is coming to live with us. Life has been moving and hectic. Dear dorries, I’m sorry!
Fruit and nuts in my salad and on my pizza still make me red with rage. I guess I’m in the minority. I’m a milk maid and the only real condiment is cheese.

And I leave you with one final image: Fleurs et Poissons… what’s that all about!?!?!

3 thoughts on “Sometimes you just gotta”

  1. I have a stretchy tee in horizontal stripes that is quite flattering despite/because my being curvaceous. What’s important is the cut of the clothes, in my experience, far more than the print. I think it’s super that Lane B is taking these chances. I remember when it was only for old fat ladies. Now I’m pleased as punch to say I shop there.
    I want to whine at you about your quietude, very much, but that’s completely inappropriate. Enough to say you and your dolls have been missed.

  2. While I do adore fruits and nuts in my salad, the thought of having those ingredients on top of pizza makes me want to vomit.
    Though I do enjoy healthy pizza toppings such as tomatoes and spinach, my favorite is pepperoni.

  3. Hello,
    the fish in the picture does make sense to me, in french we say “poisson d’avril” which means (lit.) “fish of April” for the term April’s fools, since the card was in fact one for April, i guess that’s why she’s holding a fish!

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