Sneak Peak. Ssshhh!

Spent the week cleaning up some old projects. Like… papering La Casa Formica! Still lots of work to do, but once I get two more floors down and some chair/plate rails I’ll at least be able to put my dolls and stuff in it without being ashamed.
More pix when it is fit to be seen.
Also made that wee red checker dress for Gudrun Saturday morning. And super thanks to Melissa who showed me the pink Tico Kitchen auction in the first place! It is a little big, so who knows if it is permanent, but it sure is sweet lookin’.
Oh also, please forgive the bad-photos-taken-with-late-night-incandescent-lighting-and-made-to-look-arty-and-on-purpose. Cheers.

One thought on “Sneak Peak. Ssshhh!”

  1. You have the cutest things on this site, and it inspires me to be sooo creative. I want to turn a section of my bookshelf into a cutway of a dollhouse, and looking at your site makes me want to move into further =)

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