Seeing double

The most fabulous thing happened when I posted asking for a used Frupu on TIB. Christina of the gorgeous seamstress talents emailed and said she had a nudie Fruit Punch she wasn’t bonded with and proposed I customize a Silver Snow for her in trade for Frupu! That is the above, Polly’s twin sister! I haven’t yet fixed her bangs and glued her scalp down yet in that picture, she’ll look a little tidier. She’s going home to Christina tomorrow, and then I’m going off to Tahoe for a few days to spend some quality time with le Marquis and zee boyfriend who will be staying there til Wednesday.
Yay! Mountains! Penny slots! Cocktails!
So happy. Mr. Kallisti is working himself into a froth.
Also! I have a light skinned Go Guy & light green 8mm dollfie plus eyes on ebay. Please to buy.