Rune Doll

A belated birthday present from Mr. Kallisti! Ain’t he sweeeeet!?!?!

And ain’t she cute?

She’s much bigger than I expected! She looks so petite, but she has a Coco body, so she’s perhaps a bit bigger than Jenny, a full 12″ with her head! The outfit is awesome and well made, except for the velcro enclosure. And I love the black wire doll stand (not shown) except, er… looks like the paint was still wet or tacky so it stuck to the back of her sweather *cry!*
But these girls are adorable, and at an unbelievable price of $35. And they totally compare up to the higher end dolls. Nice packaging too, with retro Rune girls all over it. You can order her from Rudi at R & D Dolls, I got her in a week!
Her size means she can also wear almost anything 1/6th scale. Yay.

Apologies for the busy background, I have a Dr. appt and don’t have time to stop!

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  1. I love your blog, was searching web for Rune Dolls and could only find your post. I really want one or two and don,t know where to buy them. I,m in the US and don,t speak Japanese. Any help much appreciated.

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